About Us

Hornet Hospex, The Hospitality Services Company was instituted in the year 2010,  we are operational from the cities of  Srinagar, Manali, Goa, Delhi and Mumbai.  We believe in making the process of traveling around the country easier for clients. Working with the aim of solving various problems that travelers face, we exist to help them in every step of all their journeys. We primarily focus on quality products and services, not letting the motive of profit overpower our genuine intentions of being a incere travel partner of people across the country. As a tour and travel agent, we engage in Airline Ticketing Services, Event Organizing Services, Hotel Booking Services, and Car & Coach Rental Services. We also organize surprising India Tours for clients to travel around the country and discover exotic travel destinations. While serving clients, our priority is their satisfaction and happiness. We ensure clients’ safety, security, and comfort while they choose to travel with us. We do not compromise on the quality of the products we design for them and we customize our tours to deliver personalized travel services to clients across the country. Our larger motto is to practice the model of sustainable tourism, where we encourage travel activities without damaging the environment in any way. So, join us in our initiatives and travel with us around the whole of India to gather unforgettable experiences.

Our Mission & Vision :-

We aim in solving the problem of how to make travel easier for the travelers. There is a very fragmented travel market in India, primarily driven by cash, which is lacking quality products and services.